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The company "Patriot Rental" served such projects:
Feature Films:
"Heavy Sand" (directed by D. Barshchevsky, the operator of Kostov K.)
"Curator" (directed by Nahabtsev, the operator D. Mass)
"Indy" (directed by Kiriyenko, the operator B. Pilunsky)
"Daring Days" (directed by R. Balzer, the operator A. Lamah)
"Darling" (directed by J. Steling, the operator G. Dilthey)
"Taras Bulba" (directed by Bortko operator D. Mass)
"13 months" (directed by November, the operator Yu Metalen)
"Admiral" (directed by Kravchuk, the operator A. Rodionov)
"Kill the King" (directed by Atanesyan operator B. Greene)
"Smile of God" (directed by Alenikov, the operator K. Davidoff)
"Melody for street organ" (directed by K. Muratova, V. Pankov operator)
"I can not say" (directed by Kapylou, the operator D. Mass)
and others.
TV movies:

 "Sorochintsy Fair," "Cinderella," "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", "Figaro" (directed by S. Gorov, operator Stepanov), "For two hares," "Snow Queen" directed by Papernik operator B. Savitsky), "Matchmakers 1", "Matchmakers 2", "Miracle" (directed by Alexander Yakovlev, IA Shcherbakov), "black sheep" (directed by C. Chekalov, the operator V. Lazarev) others.
TV Shows
 "Freedom on Inter", "key point", "Big Politics" SEC INTER
 "Tantsuyut Vs≥", "Ukraine Got Talent" STB
 "Freedom of S. Schuster," "S. Shuster Live» TRK Ukraine
 "Big difference Ukraine» Prime Production

Music Video with famous Ukrainian music video:
 A. Badoev, N. Tsarik, S. Gorov, V. Yakimenko, M. Papernik A. Filatovichi etc.

Advertising Prodakshinstudii: PSB film, «2332», Lime Lite Studio, Gulliver Film, Evolutionfilm, Family TVC Production, Beeplanefilms, SVETOFOR Film, Shoot Group and others.
Our Partners:
FILM UA, 95KVARTAL, PRIME Production, KIYV Film, NEW Studio, SOTA Cinema, Starmedia, Prime Vision, Kodak, Salomandra.

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