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LitePad Axiom - is an innovative LED light source Rosco, specifically designed for filmmakers, videographers and photographers.

 Housing LitePad Axiom is made of steel and aluminum and is designed not only to protect the LEDs, but also to quickly and easily to mount the device. The back panel has a universal mounting system that allows Axiom fixed to a tripod. LitePad can also be easily installed in other ways: by means of Velcro, rubber bands and other traditional methods. The body includes a slot for filters Roscolux, Cinegel and diffusion filters.

 The internal connector LitePad provides reliable and secure access to a power source. The thin profile, low power consumption and heat generation, as well as the excellent quality of light did LitePad Axiom one of the most popular LED light source in the professional world.

 "Robust" design

 Housing LitePad Axiom is made of steel and aluminum, which makes it durable and reliable, long-life operation. Metal housing provides the ability to mount a variety of hardware LitePad devices and filters. LitePad Axiom has all the advantages LitePad HO +, since their internal contents are identical.

 Universal Installation

 Thanks to a universal mounting system, it is possible to carry out assembly and disassembly LitePad Axiom just a few seconds whether it's 1/4-20 bolt, pin or even a wall panel.

The internal connector

 The new internal connector LitePad eliminate the need for traditional cable. It was designed at the request of users of previous versions LitePad, making the product more reliable and easier to use.

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