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Sprinter Dolly

Truck operator: with steering FWS, swivel mount, rail and pneumatic wheels, central columns, 2mya seats, adapter for the tripod head and crane MiniJib in the case


Compact affordable dolly for shooting in tight spaces. In the base weight novelty is only 43.6 kg. Sprinter Dolly equipped with swiveling holder Euro Mount with the possibility of two seats and the center column. The trolley allows the swivel mount with Central heating column at three different locations on the platform truck. There is also a possibility to use the trolley without installing swivel mounting in case it is used with a tripod. In addition it is possible to set a lower point. Air and rail wheels can be changed in seconds without tools. A feature of this dolly is the newest system of steering wheels FWS. Design concept allows you to set the control lever to the front or rear of the truck. With this solution, the control lever handle will never be in the frame. Sprinter Dolly is equipped with a set of standard and additional platforms, increasing the width of the base. The maximum load is 300 kg. Sprinter can be easily transformed into a satellite truck accessory that allows you to, for example, to carry the camera and accessories to the place of the shooting. Dimensions trolley on rail wheels (LxWxH) - 137x79x33,5 cm (height pneumatic wheels - 28.3 cm). During the break between filming Sprinter can be installed in a vertical position, thus avoiding unnecessary burdens on the wheels and prevent accidental movement of the trolley. After the end of filming through the fixing elements Sprinter Dolly can be assembled very quickly.

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