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Super Hawk 

Multi-functional, professional, stacker. Maneuverability and stability, easy to operate. Technical indicators and design of the trolley ensures accurate and reliable operation under all conditions. Powered by standart wheels (smooth surface and rails) and "Quilted". Super Hawk combines high maneuverability, stability, and extraordinary ease of use. The trolley is designed and built according to the latest technical standards. Super Hawk has passed multiple tests, which guarantees its reliability, and accuracy of movement, as well as the ability to use in all climates.
The maximum load on the boom is 80 pounds plus it is possible to climb / descend at most two boom operators weighing up to 100 kg each. Super Hawk provides a maximum lift height of the boom to 126 cm. Optionally, trolley can be equipped with two types of wheels - standard, in the studio or on the straight / curved rails and an optional pneumatic with "fast" mount, which allows for exceptional maneuverability on any even uneven surfaces. The rear wheels have a brake system. Steering bogie is very smooth. Select three types of movement - straight, circular, or in a predetermined direction greatly facilitates the work of the operator. Vertical camera lift, eliminate its vibration or displacement. Chance of vertical tilt of the camera in 4 fixed positions: 0 ° + 45 ° -45 ° + 90 °, and it is carried out without removing the camera. Operating pressure can be achieved manually or integrated compressor to the mains.

Dining motion control:
-GRAB - Control of all four wheels at the same time
-ROUND - Circling
-CONVENTIONAL - Management of the two front wheels


Min. Height: 40 cm
Max. Height: 115 cm
The rise of the arrow: 75 cm
Min. Length: 96 cm
Max. Length: 114 cm
Min. Width: 51 cm
Max. Width: 86 cm
The distance between the rails: 43-62-75 cm
Max. Number of lifts arrows: 4
Weight: 123 kg
Charging time: 70 sec.

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