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Generator Honda EU 20 IS

Here Generator Honda EU 20 i - top model in the line of ultracompact the Japanese manufacturer of gasoline generator. All you need and more in a convenient, small package. At comparable dimensions model has twice the capacity than the younger representative of the series (EU10i). The duration of the work does not create extra hassle, but the noise level does not prevent the recording of sound finishing.

Maximum power (230 V): 2.0 kVA
Rated power (230 V): 1.6 kW
Tank capacity: 3,6l
Noise level: 53dB
Dimensions: 510 x 290 x 425mm
Weight: 21kg


Generator Honda EU 30 IS

Here is the inverter mini power station Honda EU 30 is - this "wagon" from the world of gasoline generator. This device combines excellent performance, high portability. The model is designed to provide autonomous operation of the equipment with high power consumption. Honda EU 30is also boasts ultra-low noise, uncharacteristic for devices with petrol engines. Thanks to this feature, the work of the power plant will be noticeable even at night.

Maximum power (230 V): 3.0 kVA
Rated power (230 V): 2.8 kW
Tank Capacity: 13L
Noise level: 49dB
Dimensions: 655 x 480 x 570mm
Weight: 61kg

Generator Honda EP 6500 CX

Presenting your attention the mini power station Honda EP 6500 CX - compact and high-performance gasoline generator (one of the most powerful in its series) with long battery life. The device is designed for demanding users for energy supply, including lighting. At the same time, thanks to technology Honda, a surprisingly stable current, voltage spikes are absent - even the most sensitive technique does not "feel" anything. From one filling EP6500CXS generator is able to work all day, providing stable power to 5 kVA (enough for any consumer equipment).

Maximum power (230 V): 5.5 kVA
Rated power (230 V): 5.0 kW
Tank Capacity: 25L
Noise level: 82dB
Dimensions: 680 x 510 x 540mm
Weight: 85kg

Generator Honda EU 70 IS NEW 

Gasoline Inverter Generator Honda EU70is - the ideal solution to supply your electrical and electronic equipment with a short operation. Yields AC maximum power of 5.6 kW voltage of 230 V.
Robust petrol engine Honda GX 390 consumes 2.95 liters / hour of fuel. With this flow, standard fuel tank capacity, volume of 19.2 l., Enough for hours of continuous operation of the inverter.
The motor of the electric plant started using the electric starter, which significantly easier to work with him.
Portable Inverter Petrol EU70is has exceptional quality of produced power, allowing you to connect sensitive to differences of electrical voltage.
Digital Honda EU70is minipower station has significantly smaller dimensions and weight compared to conventional generators of similar capacity. This fact allows the generator to operate in hard to reach places.
If you needed a low level of operating noise generator, while low noise power Honda EU70is is the optimal solution to your problems. Have minimal noise 68 dB in operation, and minimal dimensions, electrical installation can be operated in close proximity to a person at any time.
Presence output voltage of 12V DC allows charging car batteries and feed the various equipment, operating under such current and voltage.

Maximum power (230 V): 7 KW
Rated power (230 V): 7 kW
Tank Capacity: 19,2l
Noise level: 63dB
Dimensions: 840 x 720 x 700mm
Weight: 118kg

Generator Briggs & Stratton Inverter P2000

Generator Inverter P 2000 is designed for use as a portable power source of the portable. ideal for trips outside the city, at a field of work to connect the world, etc.
The main advantage, for which like P2000 is that the model is assembled at the factory Briggs and Stratton. The manufacturer assembles the equipment on its own technology without using other people's components. Only the, including the eponymous engine. On the panel are 2 single-phase sockets, a voltage of 220 V, as well as a 12 volt charging. Inverter type alternator provides clean output voltage. The model weighs 24 kg and has a convenient carrying handle.

Maximum power (230 V): 2 kVA
Rated power (230 V): 1.6 kW
Tank capacity: 6,6l
Noise level: 59dB
Dimensions: 520 x 310 x 430mm
Weight: 24kg

Generator Briggs & Stratton PROMAX 6000 A 

Briggs & Stratton ProMax 6000 A power for average power tools power. Vangard engine and capacious fuel tank ensures a long uninterrupted electricity supply for industrial needs. fuel level indicator allows timely refueling and voltmeter helps monitor the status of the power supply.
By reducing the level of the oil to a critical point, the engine automatically stops that protects items from increased wear and prolongs the life of the generator. Overload protection is activated when exceeding the maximum allowable output power. For the convenience of transporting the generator can be mounted on a wheeled chassis (sold separately). Generators Briggs & Stratton modern solution for production needs in extreme conditions with manual start.

Maximum power (230 V): 6 KW
Rated power (230 V): 4.8 kW
Tank Capacity: 15L
Noise level: 72dB
Dimensions: 760 x 570 x 620mm
Weight: 73kg

Generator Briggs & Stratton PROMAX 6000 EA 

Briggs & Stratton Pro Max 6000EA - compact professional Generating Station nominal power up to 6 kW. Scope of the model is varied, however, the ideal solution would be for her to use in the film industry. Generator operation is fully controlled by automation system that eliminates problems due to lack of control on the part. The capacious fuel tank requires uninterrupted operation Briggs & Stratton Pro Max 6000EA for an extended period of time, which eliminates the need for its services during the night. Power characteristics of the installation enough to solve the current problems. Equipped with a self-starter and manual start.

Maximum power (230 V): 6 KW
Rated power (230 V): 4.8 kW
Tank Capacity: 15L
Noise level: 72dB
Dimensions: 760 x 570 x 620mm
Weight: 81kg


Generator Briggs & Stratton PROMAX 7500 EA 

Gasoline Generator Briggs & Stratton Promax 7500 EA's, which is based on a 4-stroke engine Vanguard series, equipped with an electronic voltage regulator, which makes it possible to work with sensitive equipment. Analog voltage meter allows you to monitor the voltage during operation. The motor is protected by a low level of oil - when it reaches a critical level in the crankcase, there is an automatic stop. fuel level indicator will alert the operator of the need to refuel. Big Lo-Tone muffler reduces the noise level. brushless generator type contributes to long service life. Benefits Promax series: the possibility of intensive use, low noise, high reliability of the engine.

Maximum power (230 V): 7.5 kVA
Rated power (230 V): 6 kW
Tank Capacity: 15L
Noise level: 72dB
Dimensions: 890 x 590 x 550mm
Weight: 121kg

Generator Briggs & Stratton PROMAX 9000 EA 

The generator petrol Briggs & Stratton Pro Max 9000EA - it is heavy duty and reliable generator engine Vanguard.
The model is equipped with overhead valve technology, which provides a lower operating temperature, at the same time giving the engine more power, longer life and improved fuel economy. Air Filter Dual Clean with a paper filter insert and the foam pre-filter provides double protection. Magnetron electronic ignition system and decompression system provide a quick and easy start-up. The engine develops maximum power instantly. Oil Gard system to automatically stop at low oil levels significantly reduces the risk of engine damage due to insufficient lubrication. Cast iron cylinder liner Dura-Bore increases wear and reduces oil consumption.

Maximum power (230 V): 9 KW
Rated power (230 V): 7 kW
Tank Capacity: 15L
Noise level: 72dB
Dimensions: 890 x 590 x 550mm
Weight: 120kg

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