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Dolly Super Panther III (Classic)

Universal dolly with wheels combined. Equipped with electromechanical column c possibility of programming a vertical Lifting in a given time and speed modes. Wheels: standard rail and Quilted.


Is the weight of 123 kg
A minimal height of 69 cm
Maximal height of 138 cm
The amplitude of the lift 69 cm
- Load capacity 300 kg
Maximal capacity with extended stand 500 kg
Maximal capacity pull-resistant to 1000 kg
-Time Full extension column 3.6 seconds
-Level Noise 28 dB - 32 dB
The width gauge 62cm / 36cm

-10 Meters straight & ¼ curved rail
-Lower point Low Rick

-Mini jib
-Low Mode Arm

Trolley with programmable electromechanical column.
100% rise tower - 67cm.
Min. Height - 73cm .;
Max. Height - 140cm.

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