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Denz Anamorphic/Spherical PL- mount Viewfinder NEW

The DENZ OIC 35-A (Optical Image Control) is an indispensable tool for any director, cameraman or gaffer.

Many features make it your first choice:
- reversible anamorphic / spherical
- available with PL- or Panavision-Mount
- snapable eyepiece with diopter adjustment ± 5.0
- prepared for ARRIFLEX-Groundglasses 435/535
- ergonomic universal handle made of cherrywood with DENZ-soft-touch coating
- integrated pivot-hinge with hirth gearing and eccentric-clamp for an ideal adjustment of the handle
- ¼“-thread at the handle’s bottom for monopods
- bracket for handle 








Directors finder PL mount
Finder ARRI director (PL Mount) is a compact hand-held device for viewing through the lens without the use of the camera. Ground Glasses standard ARRIFLEX 435 shots with hundreds of 35mm formats. The device is compatible with all the other PL lenses, including digital, such as Angenieux Rouge . Viewfinder covers the complete ANSI Super 35 format.








Record video preview on the site in 35 mm film style and discuss the composition and the look-of-the-shot for video playback with all parties.

• Camera allows the operator to preview the scenes in the style of 35/16 mm
• The same depth of field and focus on how your film camera
• Connecting to a MiniDV camcorder the most popular
• Interchangeable points the way for standard or super-sizes. Marking matte recorded and visible on the screen.
• Available point of land:
• Available mounts: Arri PL, Panavision, Bayonet and BNC-R
How it works
This is a very versatile device allows you to use your camcorder MiniDV common with the actual lens that will be used in the frame. VDF35 ® is designed for cameras with a large LCD display. Through the video camera operator VDF allows to show on the screen that the film will actually record the camera through the lens of cinema. With an optional conversion kit VDF35 ® can be modified to use 16-mm lens.


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