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Focus control

TILTA Nucleus-M NEW 
The Nucleus-M is a revolutionary and highly customizable 3-channel wireless lens control system. It allows you to have full control of focus, iris, and zoom on either the FIZ hand unit or between the two wireless hand grips. You can even split control of the channels between the hand unit and wireless hand grips as you see fit with the push of a button.
The wireless range of both the hand unit and hand grips is 1,000 feet and with the planned upcoming transmission upgrade, the range can reach up to 1 ¼ miles! This makes it ideal for drone or car-mounted shots.
Each motor has its own built-in motor drive that communicates directly with the hand unit and hand grips. This negates the need to mount a separate MDR to your rig, allowing for a more compact camera setup and a quicker setup time. Simply set the motors and hand unit/hand grips to the same channel and you will have full control.
The motors allow for automatic calibration of the lens as well as manual calibration if you are using lenses that don’t have hard end stops at close focus and infinity.
The motors are designed to clamp onto 19mm or 15mm rods (with the included rod bushings). This clamp-on design allows you to easily attach and detach the motors without needing to remove any other accessory from your setup. Every motor has a 0.8 mod, 35 tooth, 32 pitch gear attached, which is the standard gear size for cinema lenses. The torque of the Nucleus-M Motor at 14.8V is 2.5N·m
To power the motors, only one power port on your camera rig needs to be used. Simply plug the P-tap power cable into one of the motors and then daisy chain power to the rest of the motors with the short 7-pin to 7-pin cables.
The hand unit and hand grips are each powered with two 18650 rechargeable batteries. When fully charged, the batteries in the hand grips last up to 2 days, while in the hand unit they last up to 10 hours.
Remote start/stop is possible by plugging a compatible Nucleus-M R/S cable into the open 7-pin port of a motor. This then gives you R/S capabilities through the hand unit and/or the handles.
FIZ Hand Unit (no batteries): 0.972 lbs
Right Handle Grip (no batteries or adapters): 0.582 lbs
Left Handle Grip (no batteries or adapters): 0.529 lbs
Arri Rosette Male to Handle Grip Adapter: 0.161 lbs
Gimbal to Hand Grip Adapter: 0.099 lbs
Motor: 0.496 lbs

CMOTION compact 
Compact LCS provides affordable quality, functionality and reliability. Available in 3 ready-to-use packages (1, 2 and 3 motor), compact LCS offers precise control for up to 3 motors in wireless or hardwired configurations through the ergonomic and easy-to-use hand unit. The unique cforce motors provide outstanding performance through their smart and unrivalled daisy-chain technology. With a wide selection of power supply cables and optional run/stop control for all of today's popular cameras, compact LCS is the smart choice.

Set includes:

• compact handunit with knob, joystick and rocker switch
• compact camin
• 1-3x cforce mini motor sets (including butterfly clamp for 19/15mm rods, 0.8mm pitch gear)
• gears for cforce mini (0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm)
• 1x LCB-1 cable (motor cable 0.8m)
• 1x LCB-3 cable (motor cable 0.2m)
• 1x LCB-4 cable (motor cable 0.3m)
• 1x RRS-7 cable (Ptap power cable 0.8m)
• cfast rod connector (for 19mm/15mm rods)
• 5x marker rings
• 3x battery
• battery charger
• cstrap
• compact travel case

cvolution ARRI Alexa Plus Focus Control Set

Wireless set to control focus ARRI Alexa camera. Equipped with an antenna, and the use of the signal transmission frequency of 2.4 GHz ensures reliable communications in a wide variety of sources of radio interference. In the kit included the ARRI CLM-2 with 2 batteries, charger and neck strap, this kit provides an ideal focus control.









The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing.

Three Axes - All Inclusive
The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing. Weighing around 780 grams including battery, it’s one of the lightest hand units in its class, providing unrivaled comfort during a long working day.

ALEXA Remote Control
An optional software license will enable you to remote control ALEXA Mini, all ALEXA cameras including the Plus Module (except the ALEXA HD Plus) and AMIRA when combined with the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4. This includes setting frame rate, shutter angle, exposure index, false color on the monitor output, and more. Extended camera status information is also available, allowing you to quickly check your camera settings at any time.

Vibrating Markers
Tactile vibrating feedback lets you keep your eye on the action in the most challenging situations. Operators can concentrate on the scene, knowing that the hand unit will vibrate to prompt them when focus markers are reached.

NAB 2014: ARRI Electronic Control System
Backlit Focus Knob
The super-smooth focus knob contains an integrated light source that shines through the wide, optionally
pre-marked focus ring in low light conditions, thus providing clearly readable focus marks at all times.
The friction of the focus knob can be easily adjusted to one’s personal preference without any tools.

Easy-to-Read Lens Data Display
Clearly arranged, easy-to-read lens and camera information is available on the large 3” display, along with
data from optional ultrasonic distance measurement devices. The transflective display technology ensures
perfect readability in all ambient lighting conditions.

Pre-Marked Focus Rings
Lens scales can be mapped to a set of high quality pre-marked focus rings in metric or imperial scale.

Focus Tracking
The WCU-4 user button can be configured to activate focus tracking - setting the focus motor to continuously
follow a subject by using an ultrasonic distance measurer. Focus tracking works with ARRI's Ultrasonic
Distance Measure UDM-1 and ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras or the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4.

Multiple Mounting Options
The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 features M4 mounting points on its top and bottom, and the optional
WCU-4 Plate (K2.0006501) can attach to either, providing various 1/4-20 UNC and 3/8-16 UNC mounting
points itself. When mounted on the bottom, the WCU-4 Plate serves as a table stand or can be used to accept
a 3/8-16 UNC spigot for mounting on a C-stand. When mounted on top, it can be used to adapt the WCU-4
to an on-board monitoring system. Weighing only 67 g, the WCU-4 Plate is made of durable, aircraft-grade

Personalized Settings
Various parameters of the WCU-4 can be set up to one’s personal preference. These include the display
arrangement, vibration patterns and programmable user button, to name just a few. You can save your
preferred settings on an SD card, enabling you to immediately personalize any WCU-4, anywhere in the

Exceptional Quality and Service
The WCU-4 is completely splash-proof and embodies the reliability and durability for which ARRI is famous.
Wear and tear parts are replaceable at rental level, and the worldwide ARRI Service network ensures rapid
second level support if needed. New firmware versions can be installed to the unit via SD card within seconds.

DJI Focus
The DJI Focus uses DJI’s expertise in brushless motors for previously unheard of levels of precision and accuracy. The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. It also features high torque and a fast reaction speed so you can keep your subject in focus no matter how it moves.On the ground, the remote control transmits at distances of up to 100m with just 14ms of lag in open space. Attached to an Inspire carrying either the Zenmuse X5 or Zenmuse X5R, it connects directly to the aircraft remote, giving you seamless camera control across your entire flight range.While cinema lenses feature built-in hard stops, photography lenses do not. On the Focus you can tune the lens to match the end-points of any lens you want to use. Because it uses a brushless motor, the onboard processor knows exactly which position the motor is in, letting you set up in seconds simply by turning the lens to infinite and marking it, then repeating at the other end.The already tactile and sturdy focus wheel is customizable so that it feels how you want it to feel. Simply turn a control knob until it reaches a stiffness or looseness that feels right to your hand.A white marking ring around the focus dial can be swapped out and customized instantly using everything from masking tape to wax pencil for different lenses or projects. A light behind the ring illuminates it from behind ensuring markings are visible even on a dark set.An OLED display menu on the remote lets you fine-tune how the Focus works for you. You can even set multiple focus points, and the speed the camera racks between them making complex moves simple and repeatable.Full compatibility with the DJI Zenmuse X5 camera series is built in, giving you absolute control of your camera focus when in the air. Once connected to the Inspire remote*, control of the X5 series is transmitted through Lightbridge providing control up to 5km away.*The dedicated CAN Bus cable for the Inspire 1 remote controller is not included with the DJI Focus and should be purchased separately. You need to connect the Focus Remote Controller and the X5 Adapter using the DJI Focus - Osmo Pro/RAW Adaptor Cable.When used with a DJI Ronin or Ronin-M you can pull focus from all around the set wirelessly, adding new depth to your Ronin footage.Two ports have been built in, so that as technology develops and improves you can expand your Focus with even more features and capabilities.Connect other accessories to the Focus or even connect it to other pieces of your equipment. A built-in rosette mount means it can be fitted wherever you need it securely.The included long-lasting single cell battery can power the Focus throughout a shoot, and can be swapped in seconds if it runs out. You can charge it in the studio or even on the move from a power pack through its USB recharging port.Included in the padded, waterproof case are the handheld remote follow focus remote controller, focus motor, neck strap, additional focus marking rings, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm lens gear rings, and accompanying cables.


ARRI Wireless Remote System
The ARRI Wireless Remote System (WRS) is the smallest and most flexible system on the market for lens and camera remote control. Through its elegant modularity it provides great flexibility and a plethora of configuration options. Compatibility with the previous system, with the Wireless Remote Control (WRC-1) and with the ARRI Lens Data System make the WRS the most feature rich system available.








ARRI Lens Control System iris focus zoom

ZMU-1 Controller
CLM-1 Motors
FIU-1 Control Wheels
11-foot motor controller (motor) Cable
23-foot motor controller (motor) Cable
50-foot motor controller (motor) Cable
SCM FIU cables: (1) short (1) and long (1) Spiral
Cables engine (2) and the spiral (2) direct
Cameras launch cable for 24 volt camera Arri
Cameras launch cable for 12 volt camera Arri
LCD-S3-1 - for the supply of the motor from the camera Arri 24 volt
LCD-S2 - single engine to power the camera from Arri 12 volt
LCD-S1-S-Cable - to supply the system with (3) motors from dedicated 24-volt source

Focus control wireless FOX

DigiFOX is a reliable companion for recording with a moving camera. Whether using a crane, dolly or stabilizer, the DigiFOX wireless remote follow focus is simply and quickly ready to use. It transmits the control signal as a digital data package to motors with incremental encoders. Only the DigiFOX also controls internal focus motors as well as the start/stop signal of the Panasonic HDV camcorder HVX200, HPX171 and others. - 16 transmission channels are selectable within the 434 MHz – frequency band (US & UK versions 457 MHz) - Range* approx. 300m/330yards outdoors and approx. 80m / 90yards in buildings - Light weight, compact receiver (8x4x9.5 cm / 3x1.6x3.7 inch, weight 260 g / 9.2 ounces) - Compatible with external motors with incremental decoders and internal focus servo motors of many EB lenses from Canon and Fujinon - Automatic calibration of the end settings and power provision for the motor dependent on the lens’s mechanical performance - Resolution 32 bit, integrated ON/OFF or start/stop recording function - “Electronic gear” for spreading or compressing of the translation ratio between the hand wheel and motor reaction - Memory of the last settings if the battery must be changed. - Also controls the dimmer module from the Aladin system - Integrated serial interface RS 232 for easy software upgrades or connecting to PC or PDA - 1.5 V D-cell included - Lowest power consumption, a battery usually last for an entire day. - Option: Rechargeable battery, charger for 110-240 V AC, 33 VA, with all international plug adapters


ZOOM Microforce control
Preston's Microforce V+F3 has long been the industry standard power zoom control. Its new output amplifier will drive a wide range of motors from Heden to the new SPF ZMG-6 to the full range of Panavision motors.
This updated Microforce controller features a digital speed potentiometer that displays the speed on the front of the unit. Its new ergonomic design provides a rounded grip for more comfortable long-term use. The integral camera run switch allows remote on/off operation for all film and video cameras. The unit may be used in conjunction with Preston's FI+Z system as well as interfaced with professional Canon and Fujinon video lenses.
The Microforce V+F3 operates over an input voltage range of 12 to 28 volts. Requires cable and motor for operation.


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