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GoPro HERO4 Black Edition

Active lifestyle now just to capture action camera GoPro Hero 4 Black. Camera with low weight and dimensions are so portable that fix and forget the helmet of extreme disciplines, or the car body by means of special fasteners was not a problem. Action Camera GoPro Hero Black 4 is capable of recording digital cinema in Ultra HD, as a result of the shooting is possible to obtain high quality imprinted episode of the adventures of life saturated with high detail. An important role in the capture range shooting plays a three-dimensional viewing angle by changing the values ​​you can put in a frame environment more than usual. Video recording takes place on the high-speed memory card. Just Action Camera GoPro Hero 4 Black is able to work in photo mode, it is possible to shoot a series of photos, night photography. Auto Low Light mode lets you get distracted by ongoing exciting moments in life and forget about adjusting the camera while changing the degree of illumination when shooting. When the sun will not be in heaven, night comes the most interesting, because a lot is hidden, there is something hidden in the surroundings and the whole picture, you can still capture with high quality mode and Night Lapse Night Photo.

Whether you're a fan of any sport, or when involved themselves can take action camera GoPro Hero 4 Black video to account for any mistakes it would be to share the achievements of active. The operator will often act as a subject on which the camera is mounted, the effect will enthrall the camera behind him. A direct participant is even a spectator, because he has an opportunity to observe the process and empathize with the hero inside the video. The camera accompanies extreme, achievements and failures, all will film and keep in a small and lightweight body, and still protected from moisture inside. The small size of the camera GoPro Hero 4 Black, many additional fasteners allow secure in previously inaccessible locations, respectively, we obtain when taking action camera GoPro Hero Black 4 fresh perspectives. Mode QuikCapture in Action Camera GoPro Hero4 Black draws reaction speed, because when you press a button to instantly capture a unique moment. Remote control function greatly facilitate shooting dynamic scenes, there is a built-in Wi-Fi and bluetooth, you can connect to the free app GoPro App or the remote control Smart Remote (optional).

High quality video captured action camera GoPro Hero Black 4 this is half of the success of the camera, because the camera is equipped with a more powerful audio system and that provides a high quality recording crystal-clear sound and a built-in analog-to-digital converter helps to combine the camera with professional external microphones that support record a three-dimensional stereo sound with improved performance.

Caring for the audience, because they are more than heroes, is available for use mode Protune, using it creates a professional-level content. Manual control of the captured video and photos, a means of correction, sharpness, exposure, and many other parameters.

Video resolution: 4K - 30fps, 2.7K - 50fps and 1080p - 120fps
Photo Resolution: 12MP to 30 fps
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® for managing and viewing data
Now Protune ™ mode is available for photo and video.
The camera mounted microphone HERO4 Black professional level.
Improved menus and control buttons. A new battery 1160mAch.
Water-resistant to 40 meters. Available for: GoPro HERO4 Black STANDARD, GoPro HERO4 Black SURF, GoPro HERO4 Black Music

Camera HERO4 Black
Waterproof to 40 meters Box - Standard Housing 131 '(40m)
The back cover with the slots - Skeleton Backdoor
Battery 1160 mAh - Rechargeable Battery
Latch Quick Release Buckle
Latch Vertical Quick Release Buckle
1 curved Curved + 1 flat Flat adhesive plate
Turning the 3-Way Pivot Arm
USB cable

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